Getting Involved


If you are not sure you can commit to organizing an ongoing chapter of DQSH, you can always throw a pilot DQSH. We can walk you through the steps on creating a space that is inclusive and welcoming for everyone. If your pilot was a hit and feel you can commit to organizing more on a regular basis, we will start the process on you becoming a chapter.

Please do not organize your own DQSH events or use our trademarked name without reaching out to us first.



Becoming an official chapter of Drag Queen Story Hour involves a vetting process.

If you don’t yet have a DQSH chapter in your community and would like to set one up, contact [email protected]

Please include the city and state you’re located in and in what capacity you would like to be involved (ie: performer, organizer, educator, venue)

After a scheduled phone call and completed vetting process, you will be sent a New Chapter Onboarding Packet which contains guidelines and best practices for organizing your own events and starting your own official DQSH chapter.

Please do not organize your own DQSH events without reaching out to us first.



If you are a parent, educator, or community organizer and just want to help promote or volunteer in your area, please reach out to your local chapter.



Many of our DQSH Chapters are hosted by local independently owned businesses or community spaces like churches. If you are a business owner or venue wishing to donate your space to host a DQSH, please reach out to your local chapter. If you city is not listed, please reach out to [email protected]



DQSH started off as a drag queen-focused program, but many of our chapters now offer programming led by drag performers of all gender presentations, expressions, and identities!

If you are looking to perform, reach out to your local chapter.

We ask all potential performers and venues to work with existing chapters so we’re collaborating rather than competing.

If you don’t have a chapter near you, contact  [email protected] to connect with the closest chapter or potentially organizing your own event.



Many educators and librarians have been asked to speak/present at conferences or events about their involvement with DQSH.

We ask to please reach out to us prior your speaking engagement. We’d love to help promote your event and lend our best practices, FAQS, videos, approved photography, and anything else to enhance your presentation!


We've Moved!

In Fall 2022, we changed our name from Drag Queen Story Hour to simply Drag Story Hour.

Please be sure to visit our new website at: